Reader Question:

My ex continues to be in love me and I’m matchmaking their companion. About four to five months in the past, I left my date of seven months. We simply just weren’t proper any longer. Today a month . 5 afterwards, the guy confessed he’s got and always will cherish myself.

Note: i am a teen, so this is various matchmaking than adults.

What’s the proper thing to do?

-Rebekah (United States)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Rebekah:

What is the “right” course of action is a tremendously various concern from what “should” i actually do. This isn’t an etiquette concern. It is a concern regarding the feelings, the feelings of one’s ex-boyfriend additionally the thoughts of their best friend.

You’ve got rather a nest of feelings to take into consideration right here, darling. The best i could perform is outline a few pre-determined questions so that you can consider.

To begin with, when he was the man you’re dating, did you separation since you two are not appropriate or because you missed the opportunity to find out some conflict resolution abilities?

And is also your partner really in love with you now, or maybe you’ve be more appealing since you are keeping fingers together with his best friend?

And what about the intentions of his friend? Is actually the guy competing together with pal or becoming a truly conscious boyfriend?

We differ with you about one thing. Dating for youths isn’t really diverse from online dating for grownups. Every union we’ve affects almost every other huffington post relationship advice we shall have. The audience is training our selves are an excellent partner all our physical lives.

Could you be teaching themselves to be type, faithful and honest while becoming clear about getting your requirements met? Or have you been bowing to demands from guys in attempts to feel “liked.”

My advice: Figure out who you’re, what you want and talk that plainly to both teenagers. It really is how you feel that matter right here.

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