After gathering a sufficient number of applicants, you will begin screening candidates to determine their suitability for the position. During this part of the process, you may review resumes, portfolios, cover letters, and repositories to ensure that you only got to candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the role. Adobe, most Google applications, and the entire Linux operating system was built with C. These are software systems that have topped the technology sector and have garnered worldwide familiarity and usage.

Kotlin is a high-level programming language that combines features of object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. A Kotlin developer is a software developer who specializes in Kotlin – a modern, statically-typed programming language. He/She has experience with functional programming, web service concepts and is familiar with Android libraries. Kotlin Developer, popularly known as Kotlin Android developer is a professional having android development skills using Kotlin language.

Reasons Kotlin Is Worth Learning

In such cases, hiring developers from Latin America proves to be a viable alternative as they can readily adapt to the Eastern or Pacific Time Zone. As you need to hire a Developer who can perfectly unfold within your team and company taking into account just technical skills would not be enough, and this is when soft skills play a big role. So now let’s dive into some basic soft skills good developers should have. It’s fairly common for businesses to go the mobile app route in contemporary software development. They’ll cross out a couple of months on their calendar, get a grasp of Java or Swift – for Android or Apple respectively – and be on their way. As a programming paradigm, structured programming allows developers to make complex programs by compartmentalizing their codes into simpler structures via task-oriented functions.

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If you are new to Android development, Kotlin is a great language to start with. With its many benefits, it’s no wonder that Kotlin is quickly becoming the language of choice for developers across the globe. Looking to the future, Kotlin is set to become the official language for Android development, with Google announcing first-class support for Kotlin on the platform. Kotlin is also suitable for developing Android applications, with its compile-time null safety eliminating the need for many boilerplate code. So, if you want to become a successful Android developer, you should be proficient in Kotlin.

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Google becomes Kotlin-oriented for android app development and that has made all the difference in the growth of Kotlin. After Google has declared Kotlin a preferred language, the growth of this language has skyrocketed. In addition to that, it has a strong community that consistently making efforts to make it one of the top programming languages. Kotlin’s increasing popularity for Android app development made people think it will soon replace Java for Android development. Kotlin, a modern-day, pragmatic, and cross-platform language are well-accepted and well-loved by the android developers community. Mobile app developers use Kotlin to create apps for both Android and iOS devices.

who is kotlin developer

There is a lot of up-to-date material available to help you learn Kotlin. One of our favorite resources for learning Kotlin from scratch is “Atomic Kotlin”. Readers can see their progress while solving the tasks that are checked automatically within IntelliJ IDEA.

A good understanding of version control systems such as Git.

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is designed to be concise, expressive, and safe. Kotlin is becoming increasingly popular among developers, especially for Android app development. A Kotlin Developer is a software developer who specializes in writing code using Kotlin. Kotlin Developers work on developing software applications, writing and testing code, and debugging and troubleshooting issues. Kotlin is a modern, statically-typed programming language developed by JetBrains, a software development company known for creating popular tools like IntelliJ IDEA.

who is kotlin developer

In this guide, we’ll explore some best practices for engineering managers hosting one-on-ones with team members. It is also essential to consider that the cost of hiring software engineers in Latin America is significantly lower compared to American or Canadian professionals. Last but not least, we value excellent communication and support throughout the project’s life cycle.

Who initiates the adoption of Kotlin in teams?

Kotlin is a concise, safe, interoperable, and tool-friendly language that can be used to build applications of any size. Depending on the career path you want to pursue, you can either learn Kotlin or Swift. Kotlin has the advantage of being hire kotlin programmer used for Android devices, which outnumber iOS devices. We’d also love to hear your stories of learning and adopting Kotlin for Android development! That’s something we want to build on and leverage for the benefit of the Kotlin community.

For example, a sealed class in a compiled jar file cannot be subclassed. Abstract classes define abstract or “pure virtual” placeholder functions that will be defined in a derived class. By placing the preceding code in the top-level of a package, the String class is extended to include a lastChar function that was not included in the original definition of the String class.

What should you look for in a C developer?

All the examples in “Atomic Kotlin” are available in this GitHub repository. You can compile, run, and test the examples which are automatically extracted directly from the book. Kotlin Developers are suitable for individuals who have a passion for coding and technology. They should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well in a team. They should also be willing to continuously learn and develop their skills. A junior developer can earn upto $100,000 per year whereas a developer with a bit of experience and additional skills can earn up to $127,500.

  • Additionally, candidates who have practical experience with Kotlin development or other programming languages may also be considered for roles in the field.
  • It’s important to note that the length of the meeting should not be the primary focus, but rather the quality of the conversation and the outcomes achieved.
  • If you are a Kotlin developer in India, you can expect to earn a good salary.
  • Many other languages have a foundation, and we thought that was a good path for us to take as well.
  • IntelliJ IDEA is a popular IDE developed by JetBrains, the company behind Kotlin.

If you want to make use of optimizations available in newer versions of Java, you can explicitly specify the target Java version from 9 to 20. Note that in this case the resulting bytecode might not run on lower versions. Starting with Kotlin 1.5, the compiler does not support producing bytecode compatible with Java versions below 8. When targeting native, Kotlin will produce platform-specific code (via LLVM).


By association, Flutter developers have fluency in writing code using the Dart programming language and are therefore Dart developers as well. This course is aimed at experienced Kotlin developers who want to take their skills to the next level. It covers advanced topics such as type inference, higher-order functions, and working with data classes. As a Kotlin developer, you will be responsible for developing applications in Kotlin, and working with a variety of other developers to create high-quality Kotlin code. In addition to writing code, you will also be responsible for reviewing code written by other developers, and providing feedback to help improve the overall quality of the codebase. As a Kotlin developer, you should also be able to work with other JVM-based languages and be familiar with the Kotlin tooling ecosystem.